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Top tips for designing a hotel lobby

Top tips for designing a hotel lobby

The very first thing that your guests will see upon entering your resort is your lobby. Within minutes, what your guests will see and experience will not just give them a glimpse of the resort’s atmosphere but will also create certain expectations. Thus, do not miss this opportunity to create the best first impression.

With many distinct choices of hotel lodging, it might do you well to begin identifying your hotel in the first point of contact. Hotel designs have emerged, and this includes making your reception more than only a pit stop.

Make your guests feel they’ve just entered the ideal resort in your locale by integrating these recommendations into your reception design.  Luxury accommodation in Tasmania and other off the grid locations are on the increase, offering the worlds best hotel stays.

Add more functionality
Traditionally, the hotel lobby merely is used by visitors to check in or outside of their lodging. However modern hotel lobby designs today involve multi-functional schemes that combine some rooms in a significant region to create a shared space for people to converge. As an example, you may add a lounge for people to relax or have meetings. Create a particular area for company travellers with tables, notebook ports or mobile phone chargers. A play area for children is also a fantastic idea if you appeal to lots of families.

Guests nowadays are following the”experience” over anything else, and this includes time spent in your reception. They want a relaxing and warm place where they can meet, talk, drink, eat, and love. Involved in your full-service lobby, be sure you include places where all this can occur. With a little imagination, you can create an inviting space with flexible seating areas, romantic lounge areas and communal spaces that encourage visitors to meet people and form relations.

Guests will only be invited to stay longer and come back to your hotel if they feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay. Be sure your reception is full of comfy hotel furniture, like a selection of sofas and chairs, that matches your theme and will contribute well to the general hotel ambience.

Provide easy access to resort amenities
Guests love it if they could immediately have access to many different facilities right from your reception. Make it even more suitable for them by offering many different stores and services, wherein they may have a satisfying retail experience without leaving the resort.  Having access to other luxury services such as a day spa will appeal to hotel guests, as they will be reminded of booking in for a relaxation treatment.  Highlight in your lobby where guests can go for a luxury spa treatment.

Examples of sustainable features include using efficient light sources, resort furniture made from renewable materials, and eco-friendly wallpaper and rugs, amongst others.

The effects of a well-designed reception are of extreme importance in these contemporary times. Having the ability to draw guests from their rooms and in the social community in your reception will allow them to experience more from your hotel.

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